EXCLUSIVE: Fan Sues Versace Over Fight With “Notorious Duo” Offset And Cardi B

Cardi B and offset

An autograph seeker is suing Versace over an alleged altercation with Cardi B and Offset, blaming the company for not hiring proper security.

A man who sued Cardi B and Offset for allegedly assaulting him in 2018 is now pursuing legal action against Versace.

According to documents obtained by AllHipHop, Giovanni Arnold is suing Versace for negligence and vicarious liability over the alleged attack. He blames the fashion company for not hiring better security for its 2018 Met Gala afterparty at the Mark Hotel in New York City.

Arnold claims he was waiting outside the hotel to get an autograph when he was snubbed by Cardi B and Offset. Following a verbal confrontation, three men from the couple’s entourage allegedly attacked him.

The autograph seeker says Versace’s security stood by and did nothing while he was assaulted. He accuses the company of failing to establish a safe environment for the plaintiff and other patrons.

“Video recorded before, during, and even after the attack shows that the security personnel hired by Versace for the event stood by idly as the assault took place,” the lawsuit says.

Arnold labels Cardi B and Offset as a “notorious duo” with a “propensity for violence” in the lawsuit. He insists Versace and the security company XYZ should’ve known the rappers were “more of a threat to the public than vice versa.”

The lawsuit suggests Versace acted with gross negligence by hiring XYZ. Arnold accuses the fashion company of “failing to properly screen, hire, train, manage, supervise, retain and control XYZ.”

Versace is also alleged to be at fault for having inadequate background checks. Arnold contends the XYZ security guard’s behavior “reasonably constituted a menace to other patrons.”

Arnold believes he sustained injuries due to Versace’s failure to properly staff the event. The lawsuit includes a lengthy description of how he suffered from the alleged attack.

“Plaintiff has been rendered sick, sore, lame and disabled; that he has suffered pain, mental anguish, anxiety, and emotional distress, together with shock, fright, apprehension, embarrassment, humiliation, and a loss of enjoyment of life and will experience same in the future; that he has been obliged to expend, and will expend in the future, sums of money for medical aid and attention; and that he has been unable to attend to his usual avocation and activities, has suffered a loss of other benefits as a result, and believes he will continue to suffer same in the future.”

Arnold is seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Versace and XYZ Security. The specific amount would be determined at a trial if the case proceeds.