EXCLUSIVE: Master P Says He Will Not Be Strong Armed For Money From Ex-Wife Or Attorney

Master P Continuing Court Battle With Ex Wife

With a contentious court battle currently playing out in the news, No Limit founder and hip-hop mogul Master P is fighting to clear him name against allegations made by his ex-wife, Sonja Miller. Insisting that he’s simply doing what’s best for his children, he reveals that while he would love for his kids to be with their mother, her alleged drug use has contributed to the deterioration of their relationship, resulting in the children remaining in his care. Speaking to AllHipHop he went further into detail explaining,
No one wants to be with anyone if that is doing wrong. Maybe 
maybe the court system should focus on that. Something is wrong with the picture when all 7 of the kids feel the same way and the words from Sonya’s own mouth were ‘Go live with your dad. My kids know I have a strong value system and education is first, so if they think it’s going to be a party my house would not be the place. I’m going to put this in God’s hands.
Largely ignoring the press surrounding the former couple’s ongoing court battle, he now feels that enough is enough. He added,
The false accusations about me, means nothing. I’m going to keep doing right by my kids and people that know me personally, know my true character. When people claim that things happen to them a long time ago and are not able to provide evidence or police reports, they are only false accusations coming from the attorney. I’ve been a celebrity for a long time, anything that I do would be news. I am praying for my ex-wife, she is being strong armed by her attorneys for money. Drugs have destroyed a lot of families but we will get over this. I have a lifetime commitment to my kids.