EXCLUSIVE: Noreaga Talks Inspirations For ‘Drunk Uncle’, Diversity In Hip Hop & Donald Trump (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) N.O.R.E. returned last week with his latest musical project Drunk Uncle. One half of the veteran Hip Hop group Capone-N-Noreaga sat down with AllHipHop.com to talk about his new release.

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Noreaga revealed Drunk Uncle was inspired by Busta Rhymes’ The Return Of The Dragon: The Abstract Went On Vacation, Puff Daddy’s MMM, and Pusha T’s King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude. The Queens native also spoke about how a legendary producer influenced him to accept his various personas.  

“I remember Pharrell used to tell me this all the time. He’d be like, ‘You have three different characters. When you start to embrace these characters watch how the people flock to you more,’” explained Noreaga. “So this is just one of the characters.”

The conversation also included N.O.R.E. sharing his thoughts on diversity in Hip Hop. The New Yorker wants to see more ethnicities shine at the top of rap music.

“Big up to white rappers. It’s time for an Asian Eminem. It’s time for a Mexican Nas. I feel like Hip Hop has transcended,” says Noreaga. “Hip Hop is black, soul music first, but if you ever look at some of the best soul food restaurants there’s always white people in there.”

In N.O.R.E.’s view, his appreciation for all races and cultures is at odds with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s positions. Trump has called for a temporary ban of all Muslims entering the United States, and he has suggested many Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals.

“I judge you on you, so that’s why what Donald Trump is doing sucks. He’s categorizing four Muslims or five Mexicans, and saying they all got to go,” expressed the “Moments” rhymer. “How could you ban a religion? That doesn’t make sense.”

N.O.R.E.’s Drunk Uncle is available for purchase on iTunes.

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Watch Noreaga’s interview below.