EXCLUSIVE: Papoose Says New York Artists Need To Keep The Foundation Of Who They Are


(AllHipHop News) New York City Hip Hop has recently undergone a rebirth. This year alone has produced albums from a new generation of NYC emcees including Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, A$AP Rocky, and Troy Ave.

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Some listeners are celebrating the rise of a new crop of New York talent, but others are concerned a few modern acts have abandoned the city’s sound. Brooklyn’s Papoose is one of the New Yorkers that wants to see his fellow emcees stay true to the place they represent.

“When I’m in [Atlanta], I feel like I’m in the A. When I’m on the West Coast, I go get some Roscoe’s, I enjoy that good weather, and I turn on the radio and hear West Coast music. In New York we lost that. Some people who were in positions of power started following. And not just the radio, some of the artists started rapping like they’re from other regions,” Papoose tells AllHipHop.com. “That’s cool. We all have to support each other across the globe, but we can’t lose the foundation of who we are. We still have to support our own.”

Earlier this year, Harlem native A$AP Rocky stated he did not feel there is a distinct sound that defines New York at the moment. Papoose disagrees. The You Can’t Stop Destiny album creator is very adamant that his hometown does have a central voice and style.

“You gotta be versatile. But the foundation of what you are when you’re talking in your interviews, you can’t fake that. These dudes imitate down to the tee. It’s not just about music. It’s everything as a package,” says Pap. “Of course, there’s a New York sound. Bobby Shmurda had a New York sound. When you heard Bobby Shmurda, you heard Brooklyn. He put a little twist to it, but he still had a New York feel. You heard the New York slang. These cats are sounding like they’re straight from somewhere else.”

He adds, “You don’t gotta be super lyrical to have a New York sound, but you can still have that New York feel to it. When somebody from New York hears it or someone from out of town that’s been here, they identify it as, ‘Wow, that’s that New York sh*t.’ There’s always gonna be a New York sound.”

Papoose’s sophomore studio album You Can’t Stop Destiny is scheduled for release on July 17. The project is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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