EXCLUSIVE: Skyzoo Releases Statement After Being Stopped By NYPD Following Chinx’s Funeral


Photo By Robert Adam Mayer

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn resident Skyzoo was one of the attendees at Lionel “Chinx” Pickens’ funeral services on Tuesday. According to the “Luxury” rapper, the evening ended with a harassing encounter with New York City police officers.

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Sky first addressed the incident on his Instagram page, but he followed that with a full statement released to AllHipHop.com. Check out Skyzoo’s IG post and read his full statement on the matter below.

Stay woke out here y'all. Smh. #NeverWasComfortableAroundCops #NeverWillBe

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Knowing where we are in this country nowadays, it didn’t surprise me, but still trapped me in emotions as I was pulled over and harassed by plainclothes cops, around the corner from a funeral procession mind you.

As I left my man Chinx’ funeral in Queens, I got in my car and proceeded to pull off of the block, and within seconds, I was boxed in by three trucks, all hitting their lights and sirens at the same time. Officers resembling Jimmy McNulty hopped out of each truck, yanked open the driver and passenger side doors (never mind that I was alone, no passenger in sight), demanding my driver’s license and asking where I was coming from and what I was doing in the neighborhood, while looking inside the doors and under the seats of the car.

I obliged and answered all their questions, biting my tongue and keeping my responses PC throughout the duration of the ordeal. They grilled me, grilled my license, grilled me, grilled my license, repeatedly. Asked where I lived and I responded “I live where it says on my license, Brooklyn.”

I then thought to myself, “F*ck, was that response too snappy? Is duke gonna pull out and aim at me for responding the way I did? Are they gonna cuff me on some sort of bullsh*t insubordination?”

Luckily, they either ignored or made light of the comment and said, “You look like someone we’re searching for. It’s not you though. You’re free. Get out of here.” I drove off without thinking twice.

I dwelled on the fact that he said “you’re free,” when clearly I’m not. Clearly, dressed in a button down and tie, coming from a funeral, around the corner from the church, I looked like whomever they’re looking for.

Nah, I’m just brown, and that’s all that matters in 2015. Same as 2005, same as 1995, and so on. So clearly, I’m not free. And if you resemble me in race and gender, you sadly aren’t either. Stay woke out here. They’re making it a wasteland for us indeed. No typo.

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