EXCLUSIVE: SWV Explains Why They Avoid Airing Out Their Dirty Laundry Unlike Xscape


SWV’s Coko, LeLee and Taj discussed why they keep their issues in-house unlike Xscape, the trio’s castmates on a new Bravo reality show.

SWV’s Coko, LeLee and Taj aim to keep their problems out of the public eye.

The trio discussed Bravo’s new series SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B in an interview with AllHipHop’s Nikki Duncan-Smith. Coko, LeLee and Taj pointed out how they differ from Xscape, whose family drama turned into a major storyline on the reality TV show.

“We know how to handle ourselves,” Taj told AllHipHop. “If we did have an argument or something, we handle it in-house. We don’t put it out there. Why? So the internet and the world could sit there and judge us over something that we can talk out?”

Xscape’s Tamika Scott accused her sister and fellow Xscape member LaTocha Scott-Bivens of stealing $30,000 in royalties. The dispute became fodder for reality TV and social media.

SWV couldn’t imagine a scenario where they would publicize any turmoil within their group like Xscape did.

“Yes, we have issues,” Coko told AllHipHop. “But like Taj said, ‘There’s a right way to do the wrong thing.’ And we choose not to just go on social media and make everybody a part of what we’re dealing with. I think that’s the right way to do it ’cause you can’t fight everybody on social media.”

She continued, “We got stuff to do. We got our businesses. We got our families. We do this life thing for real. We do our life thing a lot more than we do social media. We just kind of focus on what’s important, and what’s going to keep us alive and that’s our families and the people that we love.”

SWV experienced some regret about participating in the Bravo series with Xscape due to the drama. The reality TV show spawned from their matchup in Verzuz.

Check out more of SWV’s conversation with AllHipHop below.