Fake Drake Calls Real Drake Out To Fight


Although it will never happen, a man known as the fake Drake hopes to take on the real Drake and a celebrity boxing match! Read more!

Izzy Drake, the celebrity imposter who impersonates the famous rapper, has called the real Drake out to fight over his clout-chasing identity.

According to TMZ, Celebrity Boxing owner Damon Feldman has inked a deal with the Fake Drake for a fight in the ring on Saturday, Aug. 27th.

Fake Drake called out his idol out, saying, “Yo … Yo … Yo… You already know, we outside. I just signed with celebrity boxing, on August 27th. I’m calling Drake out for a friendly boxing match.”

He continues in the clip giving his terms of defeat, “If I win, you gotta sign me to OVO … You gotta give me $1,000,000. If you win, I’ll change my name.

AllHipHop.com shared with fans that the man tricking people to believe he is the Champagne Papi has been making money out of his schtick.

Also, a Canadian native, the doppelganger says he gets paid big bucks to hustle the chart-toppers swag and good looks. #GodsPlan.

“People DM me like ‘Hey, you wanna come to my event?” he explained on a 2021 episode of Adam 22’s “No Jumper” podcast. “Because I can’t pay Drake, he’s too expensive. I’ll pay you $5,000’–$5,000 just to show up. They pay my Airbnb, they pay the flight. They hook it all up.” 

Back then, his bark was different about Drake, stating there is no contention between the two.

“Drake was just like ‘It doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t affect me, let the guy get his bag. It isn’t affecting me.’… He didn’t really give a f**k,” he said.

This story is developing.