Famous Dex Sued Over $50K Watch “Stolen” In Alleged “Robbery”

Famous Dex

Famous Dex is accused of pulling a fast run on a jeweler who let him a $50,000 watch.

Is Famous Dex a thief?

Just last month, the Chicago rapper born Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr., was charged with 19 different accounts of gun possession, domestic violence, dissuading
a victim from reporting a crime, defacing property for the incident, amongst other things.

But now … he is being accused of stealing an expensive watch from a man who generously let him flex with it.

As the story goes, after he was given the timepiece to post on his social media, he bounced.

Not only did Dex leave with the watch, but he did not connect with the owner until sometime later, when he claimed that he was robbed by four men.

Dex reported the “crime” to the authorities stating that the “thieves” held him at gunpoint, stole the watch that he alleged was worth $50,000 and noted that they took other money from him.

Before you get sad for the “Pick It Up” artist, it has been discovered that he was stunting on the Gram with the watch and tried to pawn it to another jeweler.

Dex doesn’t seem to be worried.

He is posting fun pictures on his Instagram account and requesting for someone to do his hair while he is in Los Angeles.