Fans Ask Yung Miami If She Is Pregnant

Yung Miami

The question was prompted by her talking about her pica, craving cornstarch when she is pregnant.

In the middle of the night, City Girlz rapper Yung Miami sent the world into a frenzy after posting about “pork chops and corn.” People thought she was pregnant.

Right before 12:00 a.m., on Wednesday night, the sexy Miami chart-topper said she be “wanting” the soul food dish.

One Twitter user responded, “Fried pork chops in the morning with bread and hot sauce they don’t know nothing bout that sister!”

The rapper said, “OMG.”

When @jahfrom843 asked if she still liked eating “corn starch,” she said, “Only crave it when I’m pregnant.”

Fans instantly conflated her saying “crave it when I’m pregnant” with her previous post about “friend pork chops and corn.”

Craving cornstarch is a form of Pica, which is an eating disorder where one eats nonfood items that normally occurs during pregnancy, especially in women with nutrient deficits. For those not in the south or with southern roots, hearing someone want “friend pork chops and corn” could sound like an odd craving also.

One person took to the thread and said, “Caresha what?” and another flat-out asked, “ARE U PREGAMAT?”

She quickly responded with “No,” shutting down the rumor within 12 hot minutes.

This was not the first time Caresha was in the middle of a “baby” scandal. reported last year, social media world was in an uproar when her boo Sean “Brother Love” Combs announced he has a new child.

Fans immediately clocked that Diddy’s baby was not with the much younger Yung Miami.

Like the champ she is, she shut rumors of her being mad down also.