Fat Joe Reveals PnB Rock’s Murder “Changed My Life” 

Fat Joe

Fat Joe says the manner of PnB Rock’s killing in a robbery last month “touched me in a different way,” because of how ruthless it was.

Fat Joe says despite experiencing the murder of close friends, the killing of PnB Rock affected him differently due to the callous nature of the crime. He opened up about the death of PnB, who he met “a bunch” of times, during an episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast. 

“Every time a rapper is killed, it hurts me,” Fat Joe explained to host Janine Rubenstein. “But that one really changed my life because they murdered the guy in a public restaurant in front of his [family]. If they do that, they’re willing to do anything. And it’s just so sad, man.” 

The Hip-Hop community was rocked when the Philly rapper was fatally shot during a robbery at an L.A. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles on Sept. 12. Authorities arrested three suspects, including a father and son who prosecutors say robbed the rapper for his expensive jewelry. They are also seeking a fourth unidentified suspect they saw was also involved in the murder.  

Fat Joe Says PnB’s Death Is “Traumatizing For The Whole Community”

“That just touched me so much cuz I’m just like, imagine I was in that restaurant with my daughter just eating … it’s just traumatizing for the whole community,” Fat Joe said. “And it touched me in a different way and I’ve had friends murdered and everything. This last one, it was just like, it was just, all right, I get it. You don’t care. You don’t care. You’ll do it anywhere. Yeah. You know, and it, it is just so sad, man. He didn’t deserve to get murdered.”  

Elsewhere in the interview, Fat Joe urged artists to ensure they’re protected at all times and advised hiring professional security. Listen to the full interview here

Meanwhile, fresh off the back of his BET Hip-Hop awards hosting gig last week (Oct. 4), Joey Crack is readying for his one-man theater show. The famed storyteller will tell the tale of his own life at the show at the Apollo Theater on Nov. 15.  

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