FBI Investigating NBA YoungBoy Over Guns

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy may have beaten state charges, but he might have to contend with Federal agents, who are looking to charge the rap star with gun violations. 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy is apparently in the crosshairs of the FBI. 

According to The Advocate, the Feds are looking into charging the rap star with weapons violations.

In September of 2020, the critically acclaimed rapper was taken into custody after police raided a house as alleged members of the NBA (Never Broke Again) crew and the Bottom Boy Gorilla (BBG) gang were shooting a rap video.

The cops found weapons, drugs, and $47,000 in cold cash on NBA Youngboy.

However, the police had to give the money back in December of 2020, because no charges were filed against the rapper.

Last week, his lawyer James Manasseh filed a motion to have the case against him dismissed because prosecutors never bothered to file criminal charges against the rap star.

That’s when his lawyer found out the FBI was looking into the rap star’s activities. The FBI did not offer up any information, citing the pending investigation. 

However, NBA’s lawyer said any inquiry into his celebrity client was doomed.  

“There’s no crime committed by Kentrell in this, they didn’t find him in possession of anything (illegal)…they just arrested everybody,” Manasseh told the paper.

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