Fetty Wap Arrested For Threatening To Kill Someone On Facetime Call

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap was out on bond after an October 2021 arrest for drug trafficking. He allegedly violated his pretrial release in December 2021.

Fetty Wap landed behind bars for allegedly violating the conditions of his pretrial release.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, authorities claim Fetty Wap waved a gun around and threatened to kill someone during a FaceTime call in December 2021. A judge revoked the 31-year-old rapper’s bond on Monday (August 8).

Fetty Wap, whose real name is William Junior Maxwell II, was out on bond following his arrest on drug trafficking charges in October 2021. He found himself back in jail after the feds obtained a video recording of his FaceTime call, which allegedly contained evidence of his gun possession and threats.

“Specifically, on or about December 11, 2021, John Doe was on a FaceTime call with the defendant WILLIE JUNIOR MAXWELL II, also known as ‘Fetty Wap,’ also known as ‘Willie Junior Maxwell,’” an FBI agent said. “The government received a video recording of this FaceTime call. (A copy of the video recording of the FaceTime call is attached hereto as Exhibit 2). During this video, the defendant is shown holding a gun and pointing it towards John Doe. (Id.).”

The agent continued, “The defendant then says to John Doe ‘Imma kill you and everybody you with,’ which he then repeats one more time. (Id.). The defendant then continues to threaten John Doe, saying ‘I’m gonna kill you,’ a threat which he repeats several more times throughout the video call (Id.). Additionally, after John Doe called the defendant a rat, the defendant responded by saying, “Your man is a rat.” (Id.) Screenshots of the defendant displaying a firearm are below.”

Fetty Wap awaits trial for charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess controlled substances, including cocaine, fentanyl and heroin. Prosecutors accuse him of being a “kilogram-level redistributor” in a drug ring, which operated in Long Island and New Jersey.

Fetty Wap Brandishing A Gun on FaceBook