Fetty Wap Loses Millions To Former Tour Staffer

Fetty Wap aka WillieMaxwell II is going to pay dearly for for bad-mouthing One of his former tour staffers.

(AllHipHop News) Fetty Wap might have learned not to be so reckless with his mouth, especially after getting hit with a 7 figure payout for defaming a former employee.

Shawna Morgan, a former tour staffer filed a lawsuit against Fetty Wap aka Willie Maxwell II for bad-mouthing her in the industry, and not paying her what he promised.

According to Morgan, the New Jersey emcee defamed her reputation and would not pay her back for her work-related expenses when she worked for him back in 2017.

Three years ago, Morgan claimed that the rapper “breached” the contract that promised her that she would make 10% of whatever he made on tour.

Working on good faith, she paid her own expenses upfront. Fetty started paying her back, but then he stopped for some reason. According to court papers, he owed her almost a quarter of a million dollars.

Fetty’s position: Morgan is a thief and her thieving ways stopped additional bags for him to get in the future.

A jury saw it different and awarded Morgan $1,167,065 – $980,000 for defaming her, $66,294 for breach of contract, and $120,771 in interest.