Fetty Wap Reveals He Returned To Drug Dealing After Fans Stopped Listening To His Music  

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap revealed he landed a six-year prison sentence for drug trafficking after dwindling music sales led him back to drug dealing. 

Fetty Wap has opened up about what led to his incarceration following a 2021 drug trafficking arrest. 

Earlier this year, the “Trap Queen” hitmaker was sentenced to six years in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine. In a candid interview with XXL, Fetty Wap revealed he turned to selling drugs when fans stopped paying attention to his music.  


The father-of-six revealed he was paying out $150,000 in bills while music sales were drying up. Despite his dwindling finances, Fetty Wap still had to look after his family and those around him. Under those circumstances, he returned to “what I know how to do” and began running drugs.  

Nonetheless, Fetty Wap only blames himself for his current predicament, taking full accountability for his actions.   

“Nobody made me do it,” he explained to the publication. “Nobody forced me to do it, you know what I’m sayin’? When I put myself in that situation, I ain’t really think for the long run.” 

According to Fetty Wap, he had hoped to “run up a few million dollars,” to set him up for life. “I ain’t never had no financial guidance, and like a person to really guide me the right way. It was just like everybody just didn’t care. As long as they got they money, they just didn’t give a f###, you know what I’m sayin’?”  

He added, “When I wanted to start doing s###, this is what I know how to do,” before admitting music sales had dipped.  

“The music wasn’t really doin’ that good. I’m putting out music, but nobody’s payin’ attention,” Fetty Wap recalled. “So, I’m like, man, f### it. I’ma go back to what I know how to do. Instead of pursuing my career harder or going harder to make people listen, man, I kinda was a coward.” 

Fetty Wap fans will soon get a new album from the New Jersey native for the first time since 2015. King Zoo is expected to hit DSPs on Black Friday, November 24.