Fetty Wap Reveals How Taylor Swift Made Him Question His Entourage

Fetty Wap, who worked with Taylor Swift back in 2015, revealed to DJ Akademiks: “She’s actually the coolest person I’ve ever met”

Fetty Wap has been through some ups and downs in his career since he first emerged on the scene with “Trap Queen” in December 2015.

The New Jersey native opened up about a range of topics though he remained silent on his recent arrest. The “My Way” hitmaker spoke on issues with his label 300 Entertainment, lawsuits, and struggling to manage his finances.  

He also discussed receiving advice from an unexpected source regarding managing his entourage – pop superstar Taylor Swift. The two spent time together back in 2015 when Taylor Swift brought Fetty Wap out to perform “Trap Queen” while on tour in Seattle.  

“She’s actually the coolest person I’ve ever met,” he revealed. “She’s the reason I actually started paying attention to my camp. … We had a talk, she put me on this big-ass jet. Her jet is big as s###, it’s some next level s###. I hope she don’t get mad if I say this, but she broke down how she structured her life. She would take off all year to write her music, get in her zone, meditate and go through her books.”   

Fetty Wap added that Swift has a system of checks and balances to ensure everyone is doing their job properly. “She would hire a manager to look at this manager, hire a lawyer to watch this lawyer,” he told Akademiks. The 11-time Grammy Award-winner would take time out to write and then dedicate additional time for everything else that goes along with a new album.  

“I was like, ‘Oh this makes a lot of sense, because I’m tired as f###,’” he said with a laugh. “Since the day I came out, I just been running. No brakes, no watching this…money got f##### up.” 

Fetty Wap Talks Drake

Elsewhere in the interview, Fetty Wap revealed why he left Drake’s feature off the “My Way” remix on his debut album.  

“I was real big-headed, man. One thing about me at that time, nobody could tell me s###,” Fetty Wap said. “I felt like, I had a plan about how this s### was supposed to go. That was supposed to be Monty’s record, Monty’s breakthrough record.” Ultimately, his plan which he called an “alley-oop” failed to work. 

“The first and last time I spoke to Drake, he asked me to get on the song, that was it,” he explained. “Not even seen him in person yet.” Wap took responsibility saying it was “my fault” in the end but remains “mad as hell” about how things were handled. “Then when I didn’t put it on the album, [Drake] was probably like, ‘Who the f### he think he is?'” he said.