Finesse2Tymes Smacks Down Snitching Rumors After Alleged Paperwork Surfaces


Atlantic Records rapper Finesse2Tymes dismissed snitching allegations against him and challenged skeptics to find his paperwork on their own.

Finesse2Tymes denied snitching allegations, which surfaced via Instagram on Wednesday (July 5).

Vlogger 1090 Jake posted screenshots of an Instagram message from someone who accused Finesse2Tymes of snitching. The unidentified person sent alleged paperwork to 1090 Jake, claiming Finesse2Tymes “ratted” on the Instagram user’s brother.

“My dm’s Be lookin Brazy,” 1090 Jake wrote on Instagram Stories.

Finesse2Tymes reacted to the accusations on social media. The 31-year-old rapper insisted he didn’t snitch.

“They don’t got a story,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “They gone make one.”

Finesse2Tymes also addressed the allegations on Instagram Live. He said real gangsters know what’s going on and scoffed at someone supposedly finding paperwork from 2008 when he was a juvenile. He urged skeptics to find his paperwork on their own if they doubt him.

“You n##### ain’t smart enough,” he said. “You know why? See, you n##### ain’t smart enough. You can’t get no paperwork from when a n#### was a juvenile. Do you know how many n##### told on me as a juvenile and I can’t go get paperwork to prove it? I can’t pay for it … If it’s true, go look it up! Go pay for it. Go read up on it and then get back at me.”

Listen to Finesse2Tymes respond to the snitching rumors below.