Fivio Foreign’s Ex Accuses Him Of Being A Bisexual Sex Addict

Jasmine Giselle claims she saw the rhymer’s porn history.

Fivio Foreign broke out this year with his debut studio album B.I.B.L.E. However, there is also some drama taking place around the New York City-raised rapper at the moment.

According to reports, Fivio Foreign’s former longtime girlfriend Jasmine Giselle blasted the “Big Drip” hitmaker on social media. What apparently started as a dispute over money and support for his children, has gotten extremely personal.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Jasmine made accusations about Fivio Foreign’s sexuality. She spoke publicly about what she allegedly saw while in a relationship with the entertainer.

“I’m just telling you my f###### life. I went through his porn history, it was gay s###,” Jasmine claimed. She added, “We talk when we f###. We talk nasty. Instead of saying, ‘This my p####,’ he’d say, ‘Give me that dick.’ At first, I was like maybe because I’m saying dick, he’s saying dick after me, confusing it.”

Apparently, Jasmine spoke to her friends and family members about the situation to see if they believed it was normal for men to “f### up” while having sex. She also warned other women about dating Fivio Foreign.

“Whoever’s pregnant by him, go get an abortion right now because y’all gonna suffer. I’m saying that because I think he got two b###### pregnant right now. He gets around. He f#### everything and he does not use a condom,” said Jasmine. “Y’all gotta be careful. This man is like a sex addict.”

Fivio Foreign reportedly broke up with his latest girlfriend Mellow Rackz in recent weeks. There were rumors that Fivio got back with Jasmine, but she insists the ex-couple’s current relationship is only platonic.