Flavor Flav Celebrates Newfound Sobriety Following “Swiftie” Declaration: “I’ve Changed”

Flavor Flav

The Public Enemy OG is making headlines following an appearance at a recent Taylor Swift concert in Detroit.

Flavor Flav is making headlines following an appearance at a recent Taylor Swift concert in Detroit. With all eyes on him, the Public Enemy legend seized the moment to discuss a more serious topic. On Friday (June 16), Flavor Flav opened up about his journey to recovery. He mentioned not only has he stopped smoking cigarettes, but he’s also creeping up on three years sober from alcohol.

“I’ve changed,” he wrote. “Today I am 3 years clean from cigarettes that I started smoking when I was just 6 years old. Soon I’ll be 3 years sober from alcohol. And I’ve been 15+ years sober from drugs. I’m proud to share my sobriety journey and Thankx to my friends and family and those who support me.

“To everyone out there struggling with addiction, it is a real battle you fight every day. But I’m still here and you know what..I DID IT.. and if I can do it..anyone can do it!!!”

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Flavor Flav also included a message for publications he says are trying to sensationalize his story for clicks. He added, “To every media outlet that tries to capitalize on my goodwill trending topics and bring up my past or old interviews for sensational click bait headlines, do better and bring up my future.

“Allow for people to grow and change in a supportive manner and Don’t let anyone hold you to your past, I wear the clock, my clock goes clockwise not counter clockwise. Look forward not backward.”

Flavor Flav’s post comes just hours after he officially declared himself a “Swiftie,” a nickname for Taylor Swift’s most dedicated fans. Meanwhile, Chuck D and Flavor Flav are expected to reunite for the iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas on September 22-23.