Flavor Flav Promises To “Rock Your Bells” With His Own Radio Show

Flavor Flav

The premiere is scheduled for June 10 at 10 p.m. ET.

Flavor Flav has announced his own SiriusXM show with LL COOL J’s Rock The Bells Radio titled Flavor of the Week. The premiere is scheduled for June 10 at 10 p.m. ET.

The Public Enemy legend made the big reveal via Instagram on Thursday (June 6), writing, “FLAVOR FLAV::: Getting ready to ROCK YOUR BELLS every Monday with the Flavor of the Week on Rock the Bells Radio on SiriusXM,,, broadcasting from the new Sirius Studios at the Wynn Las Vegas!!”

Flavor Flav is a man of many talents; not only does he play multiple instruments, he’s also omnipresent lately in the world of pop culture. From attending Taylor Swift concerts and advocating for Red Lobster’s redemption to sponsoring the U.S. Women’s Olympic Polo Team, nothing is off limits for the spry 65-year-old.

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In January, Flavor Flav and fellow Public Enemy member Chuck D reconvened for a track called “Everywhere Man.” While not necessarily a Public Enemy reunion track, it marked the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees’ first collaboration in years. The concept sprouted from Chuck, who noticed Flav was popping up in the most unexpected placess.

With the assistance of new technology, “Everywhere Man” was translated into 27 different languages. They collaborated with artists around the globe to get the rhythm and music right in each of the languages, which included Arabic, Bangladesh, Chinese, Dutch, French and German.

It began last spring, when Flavor Flav was a guest speaker at Harvard University. While there, he and Sam Hollander worked with students from the Harvard Business School’s Innovation Lab. They eventually formed an A.I. company, Harv Aid, to best translate and perform the song.

“I give my thanks to God for even being able to have the power and opportunity to do all of this,” Flavor Flav told AllHipHop at the time. “A lot of brothers from our era aren’t here to talk about it, but God has been preserving us. We ended up becoming mouth pieces to the world. Our music, it helped shape and change a lot of people’s lives and it even helped change our own. I’m just grateful to be able to wake up today.”

And that zest for life will surely be evident on Flavor of the Week. After all, Flav’s colorful personality never fails to inspire.