Former ATL Mayor Kasim Reed Doesn’t Think T.I.’s “Misinformation” Cost Felicia Moore The Election


“The election wasn’t even close.”

The 2021 Atlanta mayoral race is officially over, but a political fight in the city is still playing out. City Council President Felicia Moore partially blamed Hip Hop recording artist Clifford “T.I.” Harris for her loss in the election.

“T.I. put out a very salacious lie, just point-blank lie and misinformation, saying I wanted to close strip clubs. I never even discussed strip clubs since the general election,” said Felicia Moore.

Yesterday, T.I. responded to Felicia Moore with an Instagram video. The Grand Hustle founder expressed that the “creatives” of Atlanta run the town, and he argued that Moore is not fit to be the mayor of Georgia’s capital.

“I wish her the best, and I hope she finds a position that she’s better suited for, but it was not this,” stated T.I. about Moore’s ambitions to be mayor. “It simply was not. You were out of touch.”

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T.I. also got some backing from another 2021 candidate and former Atlanta mayor. TMZ caught up with Kasim Reed to ask him about Felicia Moore claiming celebrities such as T.I. and Isaac Hayes III cost her the mayorship.

“I just think you have to trust the voters. The election wasn’t even close, the margin was so great. T.I.’s voice is important, so is Isaac Hayes’s voice,” answered Kasim Reed.

He continued, “But at the end of the day, I think the voters picked who they wanted to be the next mayor, and congratulations to Councilman [Andre] Dickens on his win.”

Andre Dickens defeated Felicia Moore in the November 30 run-off election by a 63.7% to 36.3% margin. Kasim Reed only managed to secure 22.4% of the ballots in the first round of voting on November 2 before being eliminated from the race.