Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Calls Out T.I. For Spreading Misinformation

Felicia Moore claims Tip made up lies about her before the election.

Earlier this year, Clifford “T.I.” Harris blasted Atlanta-area politician Felicia Moore on social media. The Hustle Gang leader shared a news article with his Instagram followers that reported Moore’s attempt to tighten restrictions on local recording studios.

“Excuse me Mrs @feliciamooreatl but… Our Culture Runs This Town Ma’am!!” wrote T.I. on IG. “These studios (and the creatives that work in em) have laid [the] foundation and paved ways to create opportunities for this city like nothing else could.”

He added, “Yeah we might get loud, no we not perfect, but we’ve contributed to this city’s culture & economic growth, consistently… for decades!!! Our contributions to the communities here in this city have gone overlooked far too long.”

Felicia Moore ended up running for mayor in Atlanta in 2021, but the President of the Atlanta City Council lost to City Councilmember Andre Dickens in a run-off election on November 30. Moore is now partially blaming T.I. and Isaac Hayes III for her defeat.

“They lied then, saying I wanted to close all recording studios,” Felicia Moore told TMZ about T.I. and Hayes. “The legislation would have never closed anything. It would only be for new ones.”

Moore added, “T.I. put out a very salacious lie, just point-blank lie and misinformation, saying I wanted to close strip clubs. I never even discussed strip clubs since the general election… They put that out there, and because they have a large following, it went viral, and it took a while for people to start to get the message I never wanted to close that.”

Two days ago, T.I. posted a screenshot of a headline that read, “Woman Running For Atlanta Mayor Promises To CLOSE ALL STRIP CLUBS!!!” His caption for the Instagram post read, “Respectfully of course. GO VOTE TOMORROW‼️ @andre4atlanta #byefelicia 👋🏽.”

T.I.’s attempted political takedown of Felicia Moore at the top of the year led to Glam University founder Sabrina Peterson sparking the many sexual misconduct allegations against the Atlanta-raised rapper and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris. Both Harrises denied any wrongdoing and neither has been charged with any crimes.

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