Former Employee Of 50 Cent Accused Of Stealing, Got Extorted And Then Ordered To Pay $6 Million

50 Cent

A former employee of 50 Cent’s hot liquor brand Sire Spirits was found guilty of taking kickbacks and ordered to pay the rap star’s company millions in damages!

50 Cent’s Sire Spirits is among the most buzzing businesses in the alcohol and champagne business category.

Over the past few months, 50 has inked deals with NBA teams like Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings to bring his famous champagne Le Chemin Du Roi and Branson Cognac to fans.

However, the business has not been without challenges. 50 is still locked in a battle with Remy Martin, who claims he stole the brand’s bottle design.

And most recently, it was revealed that 50 lost millions to a scheming employee who secretly pocketed kickbacks from top agencies.

According to court documents examined by the New York Post, the former director of Brand Management for Sire Spirits pocketed $2.2 million and kickbacks from wholesalers. 

Mitchell Green started the scheme in 2018 and operated it for at least two years before his thieving ways became exposed in 2020. 

As crazy as it may sound, Green admitted to stealing from 50 Cent’s company after someone began extorting him and threatened to expose his shady plan. 

Green was promptly fired from Sire Spirits. 50 Cent’s company took him to court and won a massive judgment against the former employee.

Green was ordered to return over $948,000. Sire Spirits was also awarded court costs, attorney fees, and $2.7 million in damages. In total, Mitchell Green has to pay 50’s company a massive amount- over $6 million. 

Meanwhile, 50 Cent continues to run a successful business. In addition to his recent brand deals, 50 Cent hosted his annual Tycoon Weekend in Houston, Texas.

A-listers like Floyd, Mayweather, Fat Joe, Mary J. Blige, and 2Chainz turned out to party with 50 Cent, drink Branson Cognac, and down his pricey bubbly, Le Chemin Du Roi.