Freddie Gibbs Challenges Dr. Umar Johnson To $5M Boxing Match

Dr. Umar was down for a fight with Iron Mike Tyson, what will he make of the $5 million challenge from Freddie Gibbs.

After stirring the pot and suggesting a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Dr. Umar Johnson, Freddie Gibbs has put himself forward as a contender, issuing a challenge to Dr. Umar. The fight would need a heavy-weight promoter as Freddie’s fees are not cheap!  

The “Gang Signs” rapper was performing at Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, Texas last weekend. During an interview after his set, he was asked about controversial Pan-African personality, Dr. Umar Johnson.  

“Dr. Umar soft as hell,” he said. “Dr. Umar gonna pick a fight with Mike Tyson because that’s a political move for the internet but you never said you wanna fight Freddie Kane. Mike Tyson ain’t gonna fight your fat ass, man. You fat as f###, bro. You cannot f### with Tyson.”  

“I got love for Dr. Umar but I will whoop your ass in the first round and I will get high and drunk on every drug… I will f### you up. I’d need about $5 million to fight you. I got s### to do.” 

The clip has gone viral and the response on Twitter was hilarious.

This all started when Freddie Gibbs appeared on an episode of Iron Mike’s podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.” The rapper remarked that Dr. Umar would not approve of them dating white women. Mike replied that he had no idea who Dr. Umar was and said of him, “If there’s any hate involved, he can’t be cool.” Watch the full episode here.

Word got back to Dr. Umar who was not impressed and though he said he had respect for the boxing legend he also issued a challenge to Mike; get in the ring with him for five exhibition rounds.  

“How much can we charge for the tickets? Iron Mike and King Kong,” the self-proclaimed Prince of Pan-Africanism said. “I’m ready for this as long as Bernard Hopkins is training me. If I can’t get Bernard, I want Floyd [Mayweather].”  

Freddie Gibbs responded: If Dr. Umar beat me in anything athletic I’ll pay for his school and be the janitor there.