Fredo Conspired To Buy Guns To Shoot UK Drill Rivals, Including Digga D, Court Hears 

Fredo Digga D

Fredo is accused of attempting to buy guns to shoot his rivals including fellow London drill rapper Digga D.  

Fredo is accused of attempting to buy guns to shoot his rivals including fellow London rapper Digga D.

The U.K. chart-topper may be in Dubai fresh from serving time for weed possession but he’s still in legal trouble back home in the U.K.

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Prosecutors accused Fredo of conspiring with his seven co-defendants to purchase firearms to shoot their rivals, per The Epoch Times. On Wednesday (May 22), the jury at Kingston Crown Court in South-West London heard Digga D was lined up as a potential target by Fredo and his alleged co-conspirators.  

Prosecutors claimed the eight defendants were members of the Harrow Road Boys (HRB). They argued there was a history of shootings between rival gangs and the “deep-rooted opposition” was “often deadly in its ferocity.” 

“The violence is glorified in drill rap videos which are broadcast through platforms such as YouTube,” prosecuting attorney Ian McLoughlin told the court.  

Law enforcement found several firearms, with suspected links to HRB members. Prosecutors used evidence from a Snapchat group, allegedly including 33 HRB members.  

Conversations allegedly include “gang activities” and discussions about raising money to “buy guns.” 

The outlet reports a juror sent a note to the judge over concerns about the lack of racial diversity among jurors. He said it was “odd” the jury was “almost all white” when most of the defendants were “mostly Black.” 

Judge Sarah Plaschkes said jurors were randomly selected before reminding them of their trial duties.

Fredo is rumored to be in Dubai after spending several months in jail there. “It was a big accident. I would never ever bring weed to Dubai,” he told followers after his release. “Just don’t go to jail.” 

Meanwhile, Digga D is currently behind bars as he waits trial on drugs charges.