Free Massive Music Conference Goes Covid-Proof To Help Artists Get Paid All Over The Globe

Estelle & Luke James - Jerry Wonda

MeCon 2020 will help you get paid! And, you can get down for free!

MeCon 2020 has made a tremendous adjustment, compliments of Covid-19, but that will not prevent the conference from pushing forward with a

slightly new model. The participants are vast with a wealth of experience many people will get for free.

Speakers for MeCon 2020 include The Legendary Jerry Wonda, Metta World Peace, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (AllHipHop), Scott Page ( Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto), John Funge (Data Tribe), Ariel Hyatt (Cyber Music PR), Virginie Berger (SongTradr), Mark Frieser, (Sync Summit) Paul Wiltshire (SongTradr), Suz Paulinski (RockStar Advocate), Alexei Barrionuevo (Billboard), Joep van Leijsen (, Oye Akindeined (MTN Group), John Petrocelli (Bulldog), Tara Gupta (Database Devi), Channing Moreland (EVA), Asya Shein (Fusicology), and more.

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World Artists United with the third annual Music Entrepreneurship conference that focuses on media entrepreneurs and bent on success despite the global pandemic Covid-19. “Covid didn’t just rock the music business this year — it caused people around the world to stop, pivot everything, redefine their business and set new goals for the future,” organizers said in a statement. “Change is often hard, but there’s a lot of good that can come from it and it’s not all downhill from here.”

Co-founders Rachel Karry and Jalen James Acosta offer conference attendees two days of workshops, coaching and even networking. They hope to inspire people to fortify their 2021 plans, strategy and finances.

“Our philosophy is to think like a CEO and grow like a boss,” Karry stated. “No matter who you are, you need to be able to think like a leader, keep a killer team together and stay on top of your own personal development so you can handle any successes or challenges that come your way.”

The next MeCon spans December 11 & 12 and is chockfull of seasoned artists, producers, music business educators, entrepreneurs, and financial experts to share their expertise.

“Having worked with some of the most successful music entrepreneurs on the planet, I know how important mentorship and sharing of knowledge is to the success of an artist or label. I have been a fan of The Music Entrepreneur Conference since it launched at Harvard a couple of years ago, and so I am excited to be a contributor this year. We are going to deliver vital strategies for entrepreneurs and artists to advance their careers going forward.” said Kwasi Asare CEO of Feedia Marketing Agency.

According to Goldman Sachs estimates the music industry revenues will double by 2030 to $142 billion even though artists can get paid $0.000988 per stream.

Topics Include:

Thinking and communicating like a leader

Upleveling your mindset for success

Creating new revenue streams

Connecting and nurturing superfans

Growing your international network

Building brand equity

Understanding your audience

Producing content on a budget

Budgeting for success

Planning for the future

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The first 1,000 attendees will receive free admittance and university students are eligible for complimentary tickets.