French Montana’s Private Jet Searched In Colombia, Rapper Allegedly Suspected Of Drug Trafficking  

French Montana

Colombian officials accompanied by a narcotics detection dog searched through French Montana’s private jet on Tuesday.  

French Montana had a little run-in with Colombian law enforcement officials during a recent visit to the country who suspected he was up to no good. 

The “Good Summer” hitmaker was trying to leave the country when authorities stopped his private jet from taking off. According to French Montana, officials grounded the plane on the tarmac while they searched for drugs. He documented the incident in a video shared on Instagram on Tuesday (October 31).  

“Colombia, I love ya’ll,” he began the video. “But ya’ll ain’t have to do me like this. I ain’t have to have them dogs in there like that. Know we coke boys but you ain’t coke boys for that. Streets is so f##### up, they thought I was bringing a big load.” 

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French also shared another video on his Instagram Story showing officials searching the jet alongside a narcotics detection dog.  

Although his IG caption declared he was “TRAPPED IN COLOMBIA,” French Montana made light of the situation, joking with law enforcement about the search. While it’s unclear whether officials actually suspected the rapper of drug trafficking, they apparently walked away empty-handed.    

One of the Colombian officials posed for a photo with French, although he didn’t seem too happy about it. Neither did the narcotics dog, who, like his handler, amusingly looked conflicted as French attempted to pet him.  

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