FUNNY GIRL! Keke Palmer Narrates Hilarious Sims Scenario

Keke Palmer

Another funny moment has Twitter going crazy from former child star.

Actress and soon-to-be-mother Keke Palmer is one funny chick.

We at are not the only ones that think that. Twitter is going crazy over the voiceover of a popular Sims scenario she did for social media. Palmer was trending all night.

In the skit, an avatar of a girl (who could be a version of her without the big baby bump) is breaking up with her boyfriend. The boyfriend, or more accurately her partner, wants them to be in a polyamorous relationship. But … that’s not what she wants at all. She wants to be monogamous and only rock with one person  (plot twist) her baby daddy.

The Sims episode starts the spiral as the guy gets upset, gets up, and then goes to the bathroom. The Keke avatar follows him into the bathroom (as he washes his hands), explains why this isn’t working for her, and then she goes to the bathroom.

The whole time, the “Akeelah and the Bee” star is deadpanned the whole time as she acts out.

People took to social media with their thoughts.

“Keke palmer narrating her sims on Instagram live…. she just GETS me”

“I love that Keke palmer has the wickedwhims mod installed”

“Watching this literally made my night last night 😂😂… I love Keke Palmer honey” said another person.

Palmer, an award-winning actress, is chilling and getting ready to have her baby. reported on her new bundle of joy when she made the big announcement on SNL.