Future Becomes First Person To Reach 10 Million Followers On SoundCloud

Future thanked his fans and supporters after becoming the most followed person on the music streaming platform Soundcloud.

Future has added another accomplishment to his growing list of achievements since bursting onto the Hip-Hop scene in the early 2000s. The ” “Way 2 Sexy” hitmaker has become the most followed person on Soundcloud after amassing 10 million followers

Future took to his Instagram Stories to celebrate the accolade. He shared a post making the milestone and wrote a simple “Thank U…” in the caption.  

When internet personality and podcaster DJ Akademiks shared Future’s post, the reactions in the comments section suggested folks were unimpressed. 

“Future the first person to ever reach 10 million SoundCloud followers.” 


“Thought it would’ve been x or vert,” wrote one.  

Another made a joke about Draco, famously “the first rapper” to do just about anything. “Soulja boy ain’t going to be happy,” he wrote. 

Future recently declared, “Everything I do legendary or it want get done. Tuh. In the streets I’m bigger then Jigga. Ima run me a B up easy.” This may have been the basis for this comment, “Jay z Could Never 👎🏿” 

However, over on Twitter, the responses were a little more buoyant.  “Finna see Soulja boy commin out the shadows,” was one comment.  

Another suggested Future would finally, “break past being a soundcloud rapper one day.” 

One user called Future, “godfather of modern rap.” 

Meanwhile, Future raised a few eyebrows when thanking Joie Chavis, the mother of their 3-year-old son Hendrix for her extravagant Christmas gift. He shared a video of the diamond-encrusted “Hndrxx” bracelet and captioned the post, “THANKS JOY.” However, whether intentionally or not, he spelled her name wrong!