Future Fires Shots at Jay Z: “In the Streets I’m BIGGER!”


Future has a million dollar mouthpiece. Over the weekend, the “All da Smoke” rapper came for Jay Z!

Hyperbole serves Hip-Hop. For example, just take Future. Recently (on Dec. 17), The Wizrd, scurries down the yellow brick road, throws back the curtain and makes a shocking revelation. He claims, “In the streets I’m bigger [than] jigga.”

In fact, the The Dark Sprite spitter and HOV, have an interesting working relationship. Thus far, DJ Khaled enlists the pair on a couple of successful tracks, “I Got The Keys” and “Top Off.” However, this does not prevent the platinum artists from trading barbs.

The Backstory . . .

Indeed, it seems as though the origin of their angst arises from J’s 4:44. There, on “Kill Jay Z,” he effectively transforms the “N 2 Deep” rapper into a metaphorical learning lesson. Mr. Carter mentions the possibility of losing his marriage with wife, Beyoncé. A reflective S-dot says, “I don’t even know what you woulda done, In the future other n##### playin’ football with your son.” 

Obviously, the the “Way 2 Sexy” wordsmith takes offense. After that, to demonstrate his disdain, he uses a wealth of chosen words and actions. Yup, he stands on his finances. The proverbial money phone serves to silence Jay’s assertion.

The Confrontation.

Be that as it may, Friday evening (Dec. 17), finds Mr. Freebandz touting his accomplishments. He speaks through Twitter fingers. “I’m the only one [who] can get YE to pull up whenever wherever…tuh.” Undoubtedly, Ye does shows him a lot of love. To the surprise of many, Kanye comes out during his illustrious Rolling Loud set.

Next, it is still uncertain if the muddled lyricist decides to partake in his favorite elixir. Either way, the “Stick Talk” narrator continues to laude his greatness. He matter-of-factly shares, “Everything I do legendary or it want get done. Tuh. In the streets I’m bigger then Jigga. Ima run me a B up easy.”

Here, is when things get super interesting. The “I’m The One” rhymer perfectly pens a stealth double entendre. Does that aforementioned “B” refer to billions? Or, is it a shot that’s aimed at Bey? Think about it. Folks seem comfortable referencing family members.

Moreover, the “Life Is Good” businessman portells, “100M’s not the goal anymore.” What’s on your Xmas list?? Mines getting everything they want.” Before completely shattering the Internet, he says, “Ima save the rest for 2022. LOVE” A docile peace sign concludes his comments.

The Reaction!

Consequently, the Codeine King said what he said. The flurry of Tweets his testament. Since then, social media emphatically adds its opinion.


To sum it up, Future Hendrix said what he said. But, peep this, it seems as though the “SORRY NOT SORRY” MC has already penned the ultimate preemptive clapback.

“… Y’all know the difference right / From rap facts and fiction, right? / Real life I’m like HOV / Real life I’m life goals…” – Jay Z