G Herbo Wants A Spot On “BMF” Tells Lil Meech To Put A Good Word To 50 Cent

G Herbo reached out to Lil Meech, asking him to talk to “BMF” Executive Producer 50 Cent about getting on the show.

G Herbo is looking to expand his career in the entertainment industry with a move into acting and hopes “BMF” star Lil Meech can help him! 

The Chicago rapper spoke of his dreams to step into television, naming one show he would particularly like to appear in – 50 Cent’s#### show, “BMF.” To get him a step closer to his goal, G Herbo reached out to Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory, Jr., to have a word in Fiddy’s ear. 

“Big bro said he’d be glad when I start doing TV. Ayo 50 get at me on foe them,” a laughing G Herbo said in the video. “I’m trying to get one of those Starz specials. Put me on Starz, 50. Ay Meech put the word in with your mans boy, for sure.” 

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G Herbo Opens Up About PTSD  

Meanwhile, Herbo recently spoke to actress Taraji P. Henson about his PTSD diagnosis and how he is using his platform to encourage others to seek mental health services.   

G Herbo shared that starting therapy about two years ago helped him with overcoming trauma in all areas of his life. He also explained how a bout of depression left him struggling with a post-traumatic “mental slump.” 

“When you hear PTSD or say it, you just think about soldiers,” Herbo said. However, he admitted, “Yeah, I went into depression, and it had a lot to do with music.” 

He revealed that he isolated himself for a year after being “so caught up in the streets.” After taking some time to figure it out he says, “I just knew I didn’t want to live like that no more. Just take a leap of faith and say, ‘I’m doing something different. I’m changing my life around.’” 

Elsewhere on “Peace Of Mind With Taraji,” G Herbo details his experiences with gun violence, including being shot himself at the age of 16. 

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