Rep. George Santos Introduces “The Minaj Act” In Honor Of Nicki Minaj’s Cousin’s Swollen Balls

Nicki Minaj Covid 19

It sounds incredible, but George Santos is introducing a new bill named after Nicki Minaj, over comments she made about her cousin’s testicles!

In a provocative move, Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) has proposed a new vaccine bill named “The Minaj Act” after rapper Nicki Minaj. 

According to reports, the bill aims to establish a development period for new vaccines to boost public confidence. 

Nicki Minaj made headlines in September of 2021 after cautioning her 22 million fans against being “bullied” into getting vaccinated. She shared a risqué story about her cousin’s friend in Trinidad who experienced severe side effects after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, resulting in impotence and swollen testicles. 

Nicki encouraged her fans to pray and make decisions based on their comfort levels, emphasizing the importance of informed choices in such intimate matters.

Her comments came at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic after Biden issued an executive order requiring businesses with over 100 workers to enforce mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly testing. 

Nicki’s comments led to what was labeled #ballgate and were lauded by various Republican leaders, Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens and anti-vaxxers around the U.S.

However, the rap star was accused of spreading inaccurate information by Joy Reid, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Terrence Dyalsingh, the Health Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

In related news, Rep. George Santos, currently entangled in his own web of controversies, announced his re-election bid on Monday. 

His first term included accusations of lying about his personal biography, investigations by federal, state, and congressional officials, and calls from fellow Republicans for his resignation. 

In his announcement, Santos did not address these issues but focused on his background, stating, “I grew up poor with a single mom, and thanks to the American dream, a poor boy of immigrant parents in Queens can grow up to serve his community in the halls of Congress.”