Gillie Da King Argues With U.S. Marshal Over Drug Accusations In Airport

Gillie Da King

Gillie Da King was confronted by a U.S. Marshal, who claimed the rapper-turned-podcaster smelled like marijuana.

A U.S. Marshal accused Gillie Da King of smelling like weed during an airport confrontation in Dallas on Tuesday (November 8).

Gillie shared a video of his heated interaction with the U.S. Marshal on Instagram. The footage showed the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game co-host bickering with U.S. Marshal, who wanted to search the rapper-turned-podcaster’s bag for drugs.

“Plane full of white folks leaving Dallas and the only black man is ask does he have illegal narcotics in his bag,” the podcast host wrote on Instagram. “U pick the wrong ni$$a today buddy @americanair.”

Gillie was in disbelief when the U.S. Marshal questioned the podcaster about drugs in a jetway. The two argued over a potential search as Gillie rifled through his own bag instead of letting the U.S. Marshal do it.

“You picked me out for what?” Gillie asked. “For what? I’m probably the richest person on this plane. Get away from me, man.”

The U.S. Marshal replied, “You smell like marijuana. It’s illegal in Texas.”

Gillie scoffed at the accusation as the back-and-forth continued. Eventually, the U.S. Marshal stopped his line of questioning and left the podcaster alone.

“You picked the wrong one today,” Gillie said after the U.S. Marshall walked away from the scene.

Watch the video below.

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