Global Gangster's Jojo Capone Accuses Rick Ross Of Stealing "Hood Billionaire" Title


(AllHipHop News) Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross released his 7th studio album Hood Billionaire this week, but a former associate of Ross is calling out the Miami rapper over the name of his latest LP. Jojo Capone claims Ross stole the title from his Global Gangsters’ song “Hood Billionaires.” The track was released three years ago.

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“Rick Ross was eating pears, while Global Gangsters were the original hood billionaires,” states Capone.

Ross and the Global Gangsters CEO have a history together. Capone claimed he was the one that connected Ross with Larry Hoover Jr which helped end the rumors that Hoover Jr had beef with Ross over his 2010 song “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast).” The Teflon Don single featured a reference to Hoover’s father, founder of the Gangster Disciples. It was the GD’s that also reportedly had issues with Ross in 2012.

Alleged members of the gang from around the country posted messages online demanding Ross “check in” and “pay his dues.” Some of the videos featured masked speakers expressing they did not appreciate Ross “perpetuating their lifestyle” in his songs.

While Capone said he made the connect between Ross and Hoover Jr, he also added that he would not get directly involved in squashing the beef between Ross and the Gangster Disciples.

“He put himself in that line of fire, and he’s got to get himself out of it – if he can,” said Jojo in an interview 2012.

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Watch Global Gangsters’ “Hood Billionaires” video below.