Go Inside Of Kanye West’s New $14 Million Property Monster Lake Ranch

Kanye West recently spent $14 million dollars to buy a world-renowned property called Monster Lake Ranch.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Kanye West just plunked down a fortune on a brand new mansion.

The rap star is the new owner of Monster Lake Ranch, which is located outside of Cody, Wyoming a town founded by Buffalo Bill Cody.

According to reports, Kanye paid a little less than the $14 million asking price for Monster Ranch Lake, which went up for auction two months ago.

Kanye’s new spread is over 9,000 acres and features resort-like living along with high-class dining.

The property also has two freshwater trophy lakes, and pistol carbine and long-range rifle shooting facilities.

A rep for the property, which seemed to be destined to be purchased by Kanye described Monster Lake Ranch as:

“A unique property built of Western culture and nature’s bliss. From high plains and mystic buttes to faint trout waters and dramatic vistas, this amazing ranch is located here just eight miles outside beautiful Cody Wyoming.”

The land is more than enough for Kanye to continue his mission to revolutionize housing with his dome-like structures after his neighbors complained about the construction noise on his Calabasas, California property.

Kanye is also reportedly out in Wyoming with G.O.O.D. Music President Pusha T, putting the finishing touches on his album Jesus Is King, which will reportedly drop on September 27.

Take a look at Kanye’s new property, Monster Lake Ranch: