Gucci Mane Regrets “Dissin The Dead” & Calls For Rappers To Stop The Trend

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane released a new song titled “Dissin the Dead” where he expressed regret over his past raps about the deceased.

Gucci Mane felt accountable for rappers disparaging the dead.

The veteran rapper reconsidered his past raps on a new song titled “Dissin the Dead.” Gucci Mane hoped other artists would follow his lead and stop mentioning the deceased in disses.

“I know my tongue is a sword, I know I should be more careful with s### that I said/I feel like I started a trend that never gon’ stop, they gon’ keep dissing the dead/None of this s###’s pretend, this s### so for real, a n#### get shot in the head/Young n#### wicked on pills and going on drills, we need to stop dissing the dead,” he rapped on the song’s hook.

Gucci Mane famously dissed the dead during his feud with Jeezy. Guwop mentioned shooting and killing Jeezy’s affiliate Pookie Loc on a 2012 track titled “Truth.”

“Go dig your partner up, n####, bet he can’t say s###/And if you looking for the kid, I’ll be in Zone 6,” he rapped.

More recently, Gucci Mane mentioned Pookie Loc again on a song called “Rumors.” The Lil Durk-assisted track dropped in January.

“D.A. dropped my murder, didn’t have evidence to prove it/I think my house is haunted, yeah, by who? The ghost of Pookie,” Guwop rapped.

Since then, Gucci Mane apparently had a change of heart.

Watch the video for “Dissin the Dead” below.