Gucci Mane’s Career Origins To Be Explored In Sign Ya Self Documentary

Gucci Mane

A two-part documentary called ‘Southumentary’ details the beginning of Gucci Mane’s rap career with Sign Ya Self.

Production has been completed on a new documentary about Gucci Mane and his old group S.Y.S.

Filmmakers announced a two-part documentary titled Southumentary, which looks back at the beginning of Gucci Mane’s career. The film utilizes two decades of never-before-seen footage to tell the story of S.Y.S. a.k.a. Sign Ya Self.

Producers describe Southumentary as “an intimate and revealing portrait of rap star Gucci Mane’s formative days with S.Y.S. and their quest for fame and fortune in the competitive music industry as they hustled in the rough streets of Eastside Atlanta, Georgia during the early 2000s.” Emmy-winning cinematographer Ben Mesker shot interviews for the documentary.

“This film contains the humble beginnings of one of the biggest entertainers in the world,” the documentary’s producer Raymond Forchion said in a press release. “We are excited to bring this entertaining and passionate piece of underground Hip Hop story with tons of unseen footage and unheard music to the world.”

Atlanta’s H.B. and Mojo formed Sign Ya Self Records in 2002. The S.Y.S. group included Gucci Mane, 4Tre, Bolo, Cold Blooded Da Don and honorary member South Boy, who directed the upcoming documentary.

Southumentary does not have a release date. A platform for the film hasn’t been determined.