Gunplay’s Estranged Wife Gets Sole Custody Of Their Daughter


Gunplay’s wife secured a temporary restraining order against him after he was arrested for domestic violence and child abuse.

Gunplay reportedly lost custody of his infant daughter. According to TMZ, a court granted sole custody to his estranged wife Vonshae Taylor-Morales on Monday (October 9).

The court’s decision can only be reversed if Taylor-Morales, who has a temporary restraining order against Gunplay, wants joint custody. As of now, the rapper can only see his daughter through court-monitored virtual visits.

Gunplay, whose real name is Richard Morales, was arrested for domestic violence and child abuse in August. Taylor-Morales accused her husband of choking their daughter. She also blamed him for their child’s heart defect.

“The reason that my daughter had a heart defect is because of his drug abuse history,” Taylor-Morales said. “He was the cause of her defect. Y’all could Google this. Anybody who abuses cocaine, ketamine, which he did too. He actually OD’d on ketamine twice. Cocaine, ketamine, all those types of things, it causes cognitive disorders and dysfunctions and s### like that.”

Gunplay previously missed three hearings about his wife’s restraining order against him. If he misses the fourth hearing, her restraining order will be made permanent and prevent him from being around his daughter until her 18th birthday.

Taylor-Morales filed for divorce following Gunplay’s arrest, but she said he refused to sign the papers. She is seeking child support from the rapper.