Hitmaka Claims “Music Made Me Want To Go Sell Crack” 

Hitmaka revealed that the music of his youth influenced him to sell drugs from a young age: “it kinda poisons you.”

Hitmaka has opened up about how the music he listened to as a youth affected him, revealing that he was influenced to sell drugs by the songs he was consuming at the time.  

Hip-Hop is often criticized for its at times gritty portrayal of life in inner-city working-class neighborhoods, with some detractors going as far as to say the genre glorifies violence and a criminal lifestyle.  

The subject came up during a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, featuring Hitmaka. According to the rapper-turned producer/songwriter, who is also the current Vice President of A&R at indie giant EMPIRE, the music of his youth had a profound effect on him.  

“Music made me want to go sell crack, n####,” Hitmaka admitted during the interview. “And sell drugs because I was so influenced by the music.” He explained that the music of that “golden era” of the late 90s and early 2000s all had a similar feel. “The music that I grew up on, it was like if you wasn’t selling crack, you wasn’t on s###,” he added.  

However, Hitmaka said though he feels “bad” about the reality of it, “I’m a reflection of that s### too.” He continued and added that hearing lyrics about life in the streets “kinda poisons you.” 

Hitmaka continued, “Y’all cant tell me that when Jeezy was in his heyday – every dope boy wanted to get the car and make a play to some Young Jeezy. Even if it was a dime bag to a brick, you felt like you was moving like that,” he said. Check out his comments below. 

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