Houston Rapper Viper Charged With Another Kidnapping Plus Sexual Assault


Viper, who remains in jail, was arrested for kidnapping in January. Now, he’s facing more charges for allegedly abducting a second victim.

Texas authorities accused Houston rap artist Viper, who was arrested for kidnapping a woman in January, of kidnapping a second woman and sexually assaulting her. According to the Houston Chronicle, Viper was charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault on Wednesday (February 28).

Viper, whose real name is Lee Carter, allegedly kidnapped the second victim with the intent to violate and sexually abuse her in July 2021. A criminal complaint said he sexually assaulted the woman 10 days after she was first held captive.

The rapper was hit with the latest charges from behind bars in the Harris County Jail. He has remained in custody on kidnapping charges since January.

Viper was previously accused of kidnapping another woman and keeping her locked up in a garage for years. The victim said he abducted her when she was pregnant and panhandling on the street. He allegedly asked her if she needed help and told her to get in his car. He drove to her his home and kept her there against her will for four to five years.

The first victim told police Viper forced her to have sex with him and take drugs. She was occasionally allowed to leave the garage to take showers. She never saw anyone else at his home, but the woman could hear her captor arguing with other women when she showered. She had not showered in two months when she spoke to police.

Viper’s first victim managed to contact the police to report her kidnapping in April 2023. She was able to reach authorities after Viper let her use his laptop. She utilized a Text Now app to alert a 911 dispatcher to her situation. Police responded to the scene and heard her voice coming from a window of the rapper’s home. She explained what happened to her. Officers found her in an “extremely malnourished” state.