Jake Paul Pulled Down Over Eight Figures After Beating Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul

Jake Paul made another huge amount of money thanks to his blockbuster fight against UFC legend Tyron Woodley!

Former YouTuber and now boxing draw Jake Paul is out here caking off his matchups.

The social media phenom has said that he got an “eight-figure payday” for winning the fight against UFC fighter, Tyron Woodley.

According to DailyMailTV, Jake Paul’s victory over Woodley made him more money than Golden Boy Bernard Hopkins is worth.

Why are people locking in to support him and his brother? It’s simple. They speak the language of Y.

The 24-year-old is a member of Generation Y, a population that has flipped the rules through technology and social media to benefit themselves.

They love a story about a guy learning his lesson and then defeating the odds.

Paul shared with DailyMailTV host Thomas Roberts that he is making the big bucks because he is disciplined.

“The money is great, the business is great, it is. I work blood, sweat, and tears in the gym, but this is a product of working day in and day out since I was 17 years old,” Jake Paul said.

But it wasn’t always easy and at times, his “problem child” image added to the chaos around his name and brand. And while social media is where his career was launched, it also has steely waters that pose the most threat to his empire.

He said, “The internet is a ruthless place where you’re never really held accountable for your actions.”

“I’ve transcended the traditional media landscape into mainstream business success, not one bit of it which I take for granted,” said Jake Paul, who now has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

“I think a lot of people in today’s generation, especially celebrities, don’t want to admit to doing something wrong,” he concluded “But I’m perfectly OK with that.”