Ice Cube Claims Robinhood Stole His Image To Benefit Their Bottom Line

Ice Cube

Rap star Ice Cube says Robinhood is profiting off of his image and likeness in a new lawsuit.

(AllHipHop News) 

Rapper and actor Ice Cube is suing executives at financial services company Robinhood for using his image for promotional purposes without permission.

He claims company bosses are using a photo of him in an ad featured in their news service, Robinhood Snacks.

He alleges they took an image of him from another project and put it into a newsletter update, which featured the line “Correct yourself, before you wreck yourself” – a lyric from his track “Check Yo Self.”

Cube insists the link suggests he endorses the company, which he doesn’t, and claims Robinhood marketing bosses have used images of Jay-Z and Nas to endorse products and services in the past.

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