Ice-T Explains Why He’ll Never Rap On ‘Law And Order: SVU’


Legendary rapper Ice-T has been playing Odafin “Fin” Tutuola on the NBC series ‘Law and Order: SVU’ since 2000.

Ice-T avoided rapping on Law and Order: SVU for more than two decades – and he plans to keep it that way.

The Hip-Hop legend talked about portraying SVU’s Odafin “Fin” Tutuola in an interview with TODAY. Ice-T shut down the idea of his character spitting bars when asked if he’d consider rapping on the show.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Ice-T said. “That would be corny because Fin would be able to rap as good as I rap. So, they would have to try to make me rap half-assed, which I wouldn’t do. Now, I got to draw the line somewhere.”

Ice-T wasn’t willing to rap on SVU, but he had no problem coming up with rhymes for his co-star Mariska Hargitay. The gangsta rap pioneer recalled writing for Hargitay in the TODAY interview.

“It’s funny, though, Mariska has me write her raps,” he said. “She wants to rap, like, ‘Write me a rap.’ So yeah, I wrote a rap for Joyful Heart (Hargitay’s foundation). She’s got a little rap I wrote her early. She’s like, ‘It’s time for you to write me a new rap.’ All right, take it easy, Mariska.”

Hargitay will be one of the speakers at Ice-T’s upcoming Hollywood Walk of Fame induction. The rapper/actor is scheduled to receive his star on February 17.