EXCLUSIVE: Ice-T Preps New Album, Says He’s Coming For Slick Rick’s Storytelling Throne


The OG Ice-T is giving out some serious game on his new podcast called, “Ice-T’s Daily Game” and dropping some new music as well!

Recently one of Hip-Hop’s most iconic rappers and actors, Ice-T took the time to speak with AllHipHop in an exclusive interview while promoting his new iHeartPodcast, Ice-T’s Daily Game.

Speaking candidly on a host of topics ranging from his new iHeartPodcast to his acting roles on Dick Wolf’s shows like Law and Order SVU and New York Undercover, Ice-T opened up and shared information for the first time on his new album, The Legend of ICE-T “Crime Stories” Vol 1 & 2

The compilation project will feature six new storytelling songs to add to his iconic catalog of music, while also throwing in some classics from back in the day.

“I got a rap project coming out and it’s called…First, I’ve never spoken on it yet… It’s called, The Legend of ICE-T “Crime Stories” Vol 1 & 2” Ice-T explained to AllHipHop. 

“It’s a compilation of all my story rhymes from all eight albums and about six new songs that are all story-based. You know, they say Slick Rick is the king of stories. I’m coming for that throne. Wait till you hear this. These are all my story records from ‘6 ’N the Mornin’’ to ‘Midnight’ and all these adventures put into one album. It’s a double vinyl release, it has two vinyls and it’s gonna be like a classic collector’s piece. The reason it’s titled The Legend of ICE-T is because a lot of things people believe about me are legend.”

Continuing to fan the flames of his own legendary status Ice-T elaborated on what motivated him to release his crime stories compilation.

“Legend is part false. You know, it’s like the night I got in the squabble in the club and I knocked one dude out, where a legend says it was three dudes.” Ice-T said laughing.

“A lot of this stuff that people believe about me are lyrics that aren’t necessarily true, but we’ll let the legend continue. So that’s what The Legend of ICE-T: Crime Stories is about, be on the lookout for that, that should be coming out within the next two to three months.”

While Ice-T currently holds the record for the longest-running male actor on a TV series with his role on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, he still has no intentions of slowing down on the music side of the business. 

In addition to his rap album he’s been steadily at work with his Grammy Award-winning heavy metal rock group Body Count.

I kinda like the fact that in this Rap world, they don’t even know that I’m over here touring for hundreds of thousands of people doing Body Count shows. I kind of like the feeling of somebody thinking, well, ‘Ice-T’s played out, Ice-T is over with,’ and I’m making more money than they are, like, I dig it. I have a motto on my Daily Game Podcast. ‘If they sleeping on you, let ’em rest, man. Let ’em rest.’ But Body Count is right now in the studio doing Merciless the new album.”

For more information on ICE-T’s Daily Game iHeartPodcast, check out the show below via the iHeart media player where all episodes are available for streaming now.