Icewear Vezzo Slams Amanda Seales Over Donald Trump Support Criticism, Quickly Backtracks  

Icewear Vezzo Amanda Seales

Icewear Vezzo branded Amanda Seales a “weirdo” and a “lying little girl” for condemning his photo-op with Donald Trump.  

Icewear Vezzo blasted Amanda Seales for criticizing his apparent support for Donald Trump before quickly walking back his statements after a conversation with her.  

The Detroit native faced backlash after linking Donald Trump on his visit to the city over the weekend. Amanda Seales was among those critical of the visit and let her feelings be known. 

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In an Instagram video directed at Icewear Vezzo and others, Seales condemned those who take “pictures with people who have actively harmed us as a community.” She insisted that doing so “is not you infiltrating so that you can be the savior.” 

Seales also shut down any notion that cozying up to these figures and acting like “the good Black,” won’t make anybody “the next Martin Luther King.” 

She concluded her post with a suggestion: “How about you squad up with real ones and approach them with a real agenda that doesn’t include simping.” 

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Icewear Vezzo clapped back in a lengthy post via his Instagram Stories, branding Seales a “weirdo” and a “lying little girl.” He urged her to “Stop talking so much and give back,” insisting Seals does nothing for the community “except tear us down in the name of building us up.”

He also claimed Seales is “Fake woke and full of s###,” and demanded “stop lying on Black men.” However, he had a change of heart and quickly deleted his post and walked back his remarks. “I talked to Amanda it’s all love,” he explained, adding that he “should’ve never went that hard” on a woman.  

“It’s not that serious she’s entitled to her opinions,” he said. “I just want us to stop thinking the worse about each other before having a conversation and also learn to respectfully disagree.”