Iggy Azalea Expresses 2Pac, OutKast & Missy Elliott Are Among Her Favorite Acts (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Australian rapper Iggy Azalea was ask a ton of random questions as part of Vogue‘s “73 Questions” interview series. Among the topics were the “Fancy” performer’s pick for the world’s best music video, what she would ask the late 2Pac if she met him, and which artist was her greatest influence.

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Best Music Video In The World:

[OutKast’s] “Bombs Over Baghdad”

If she could assemble a Hip Hop festival, who would headline:

Missy Elliott, I love her.

If she could meet 2Pac, what would she ask him:

I’d ask him – in every detail – what happened the night he passed away.

Song she wish she had written:

[OutKast’s] “Aquemini”

Artist she’d like to collaborate with:

I’d love to collaborate with Andre 3000.

Her favorite song of all time:

My favorite song of all time is 2Pac’s “Baby Don’t Cry.” It made me fall in love with rap music.

On album people would be surprised to know she owns:

[People would] probably be surprised to hear I own a Field Mob album.

Artist that influenced her the most:

For female rappers, Missy Elliott all the way.

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Watch “73 Questions with Iggy Azalea” below.