Iggy Azalea Reveals Major Complications After Undergoing Surgery

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea said she was unable to walk for three weeks after dealing with complications from back surgery.

Iggy Azalea couldn’t walk for weeks after experiencing complications from back surgery.

The Australian rapper detailed her health troubles in a series of Twitter posts on Monday (November 28). Iggy Azalea said her problems began before she was supposed to fly to her home country to film a movie.

“Right before I left I had what I thought would be a rather mundane surgery on my back to fix the issues I had after touring two summers in a row on an injury,” she wrote. “It didn’t end up being very mundane because I had complications with my recovery & ended up in bed hooked up to a million machines and in so much pain. There are about 3 days I actually just can’t remember at all.”

She added, “I didn’t walk except to use the bathroom (a whole other ordeal lol) for 3 weeks. [And] you’d be shocked to know how weak you can get when you don’t actually move. It happens really fast.”

Iggy Azalea provided fans with an update on her recovery and set a goal for herself. She also mentioned doctors were pleased with her progress.

“A week ago I was cleared to get up and start moving again,” she wrote. “I’ve been seeing someone daily at the house and we do lil workouts (they are so sad y’all lol). I’ve been getting back strong. I will recover 100%. My goal is to be in good health by Christmas.”

She continued, “It’s been very mentally challenging to suddenly not be able to do anything for yourself and have no answers about when you will recover. That was the hardest part but all the Drs have been so happy with how quickly I’m getting better now that I’m back moving & walking.”

Iggy Azalea confirmed she missed out on her movie opportunity due to her health. But she vowed to value her body “in a whole new way after this experience.”