Inside Eazy-E’s Compton Street-Naming Ceremony: See Exclusive Photos

Former N.W.A publicist Phyllis Pollack was on site and captured several images of the event—from the City of Compton tent to Lil Eazy-E talking to the press.

Eazy-E fans showed up in droves to the late N.W.A rapper’s street-naming ceremony in Compton on Wednesday (November 22) on Auto Plaza Drive South. Some arrived two hours early, blasting music by N.W.A and celebrating the gangsta rap pioneer’s legacy. Former N.W.A publicist Phyllis Pollack was on site and captured several images of the event—from the City of Compton tent and Lil Eazy-E talking to the press to elected officials posing with multiple proclamations in his honor.

Fellow N.W.A member DJ Yella and Lil Eazy provided music for the event as did DJ Joe Cooley of Rodney O and Joe Cooley fame. The most emotional moment came when Eazy-E’s mother swelled up with tears as she addressed the crowd with, “I’m so proud of everybody that’s here today. I love you all and thanks so much for showing up at this presentation. Thank you very much, the City of Compton… I would like to thank everybody that had a part in this and I love you and God bless, and he is watching from a distance. Thank you very much. Everybody have a nice day and have a Happy Thanksgiving.”

Lil Eazy-E also took a moment to offer a few words about the Ruthless Records founder, saying, “My father finally got what he deserves. A monumental street in the city he put on the map. It’s a long time coming, but again, I always say it’s God’s timing.”

Alonzo Williams, the president of Compton’s Entertainment Chamber of Commerce, told the press, “Compton has a lot of history, but nobody knows about it. I figured the most recent history is Hip-Hop history. Being this is the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop, I thought it’d be a great idea to approach the City Council, talk about possibly doing this and they loved the idea.”

Senator Steve Bradford, Assemblyman Mike Gipson, Compton Mayor Emma Shariff, County Supervisor Holly Mitchell, Compton City Council members Andre Spicer, Diedra Duhart, Jonathan Bowers and Lillie P. Darden were among the elected officials who unanimously voted to make “Eazy Street” a reality.

Eazy-E died in 1995, just six years after N.W.A delivered their groundbreaking album, Straight Outta Compton. Eazy-E continued to rep the city of Compton throughout his career and, like Lil Eazy-E said, put it on the map. Several rap legends have since come out of Compton, including Kendrick Lamar, Compton’s Most Wanted and DJ Quik.

Watch video of the ceremony below.