Is Blueface Secretly Leading A Cult? Fans Have Questions


Blueface has drawn comparisons to a cult leader after sharing a bizarre video online.

In the clip, the rapper is seen walking through a home with several young women in bunk beds, asking if they will be getting their tattoos today.

“We’re getting tattoos today,” he states, before walking up to one young woman and asking “You ready to get tatted?” When he asks where she will get it, she points to her neck.

Blueface then turns the camera on another young woman, who turns away and doesn’t answer when he asks, “You getting your tattoo today?”

He then insists: “Tattoo or go home? Which one is it?”

The star then approaches another young woman, who indicates she’ll get her tattoo on the top of her hand, and the video ends with a shot of another of his guests’ finished tattoos.

It’s unclear where the video was posted since the star was banned from Instagram after posting live videos featuring nearly nude strippers at a strip club, but the footage was taken by Blueface himself, holding a phone as he walks through a house.

The young women are part of what is known as the Blue Girls Club (BGC).

The video was met with strong reactions on social media, with fans calling the star “the next R. Kelly,” who is accused of grooming young women as sex slaves.

“‘Get tatted or Go Home’… that Surviving Blueface Doc gon be crazy. (sic)” wrote one user, while another added: “OK soooo…. lets talk more about how Blueface is basically running a cult.”