Is Lil Wayne Married To Denise Bidot Or Not?

Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot

Rapper Lil Wayne has finally answered the question as to whether or not he has tied the knot with his last Denise Bidot. Here is the answer!

Lil Wayne has not tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Denise Bidot despite a recent tweet that friends interpreted as a marriage announcement.

The “Lollipop” hitmaker, real name Dwayne Carter Jr., had fans convinced he and Bidot had finally said “I do,” after he tweeted in April that he was the “happiest man alive.”

On Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Live last week, Lil Wayne clarified he was actually talking about his children and the rap group they’ve formed when the “Super Bass” singer congratulated him on his new marital status.

“The other day it was some tweets going on, and I was like, ‘Oh, what’s going on?’ and I texted you and I was like, ‘Oh, Congratulations. I can tell you’ve been in a good mood.’ And I said, ‘Congratulations,’ because I thought you had gotten married,” said Nicki Minaj.

Riffing on a lyric from an Outkast song, his April tweet read, “Happiest man alive! Today is the beginning of our forever. Forever?? Forever, ever?? FOREVER EVER!!!!! The Carters.”

“I’m so glad you asked me that,” Lil Wayne replied in explaining the situation. “I did not get married. I said ‘The Carters,’ and girl, that’s my damn sons, that’s my sons’ little name of their little group.”

Lil Wayne has daughter Reginae, 22, and sons Dwayne III, 12, Cameron, 11, and Neal, also 11, from previous relationships.

Adding to the marriage speculation to Denise Bidot back in April was Wayne’s romantic video of his partner writing their names in the sand while one of his new songs played in the background.