J. Cole Admits “I’m Doing A lot Of Capping” On “100 Mil”

J. Cole recently confessed that one of his songs from “The Off-Season” has more than a little embellishment on it.

During his headlining performance at Rolling Loud New York, this weekend J. Cole revealed that the track “100 Mil” includes “a very big quantity of cap.”  

“This next song, this next song contains a high level of… it’s a large amount… it’s a very big quantity of cap in this next song,” said Cole. “I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m doing a lot of capping in this next song, it’s a lot of exaggeration of the truth. But the spirit behind this song, the message behind this m############ song is 100% true.” 

According to J. Cole, the cap is for motivational purposes only, to inspire the drive within listeners to go out and achieve, no matter how successful you are. “What this song is about is, it don’t matter how far you get in this life, how successful you become, how much money you make, don’t lose that hunger, drive, passion for that s### that got you there in the first place. New York City, don’t do it.” 

The North Carolina rapper did not specify exactly which parts of the song he exaggerated. Perhaps Cole was just trying to give the IRS a heads up! 

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Meanwhile, Travis Scott just dropped the updated version of “ESCAPE PLAN” which includes a J. Cole feature on the song “MAFIA.”  

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